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Istanbul Tour Guide Ender

Biographical Information

In May of 1982, I was born in Istanbul,Arnavutkoy with the Greek name of  Mega Revma on which the Greek Orthodox  church Taxiarhis is located.

In my childhood I was fishing, swimming and helping my Armenian master who was a fisherman in the seaside of Bosphorus. I always think that I am very lucky to live my childhood in Arnavutkoy. I should mention that my mother is from Arnavutkoy and from the Greek minority. She is originally from  Istanbul one of the 1500 peaple population of istanbul’s Greek Orthodox minority. She speaks Turkish also the original Greek which is called(Romaen).

That’s why Greek language is my mother tongue. In my childhood I grow up with both traditions of Turkish and Greek. Additionally I’m proud of her…


I was accepted to Darussafaka High School in 1993 where all courses are in English. In 2000, I graduated from Darussafaka High School and attended to univercity exam. And I went to Izmit, Kocaeli Univercity to study international relations. Besides, in our department we start to make strategic researches about Balkans and Balkan countries. During my university years, I started to discover and take photographs Istanbul and Izmit by travelling. I also improved my English by working in IHA(news agency like Reuters) in the department of foreign news. After I have graduated from univercity I started to work in Atasay Jewelery Company as Manager of Greek Market. I took opportunity from this situation to improve my Greek language level. At the same time I studied International Commerce as master degree in Istanbul Univercity of Commerce for two years. Afterwards Ministry of  Tourism and Culture has announced an examination for professional tourist guidance. I succeeded in these long examinations and then had a course of  six months period. After completing the guiding courses through the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, I began to work as an official tour guide with my licence writing Greek on it.  I have been guiding since 2006 and in February of 2008 I participated in the exam of English to add English language to my licence.  This date was my life’s milestone. Since this day I’ m guiding both in Greek and in English. In August of 2008, I decided to complete my military  obligation in Izmir and I was back in january of 2009. As you can   understand all these experiences have enriched my perspective and increased my knowledge, ultimately bringing much colour to my life.

Until now I have guided lots of groups and individual participants in my tours. Continously I’m guiding  different nationalities in every corner of Turkiye. While guiding,  I feel myself as if I’m the envoy of Turkiye and I  always try to introduce the beauties of  this amazing country as good as it is possible. According to this experience I can say   that  for incoming people I’m the right  person to guide your dreams come true  in Turkiye. I’m proud of beingTurkish and world citizen…

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